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‘Dad’ overdoses on heroin, leaves used syringes where two young children can get to them

Pennsylvania police have arrested a man and charged him with child endangerment after he allegedly exposed his two small children to used syringes and other drug paraphernalia, as reported by Observer-Reporter.

Bradley Randall Benson, 37, of North Strabane Township, was taken into police custody on Thursday when he allegedly left used and new syringes where his two small children could get them after he overdosed on heroin.

Investigators arrived at the home and found the 37-year-old conscious and alert, according to the arrest record. Benson is alleged to have told police he had heroin stashed throughout the house. Upon searching the domicile, police say they found two needles wrapped in a shirt lying on the ground, noting that the needles could have been readily accessed by his two children. Benson allegedly told police that he had thrown more drug paraphernalia outside of his window before they arrived. Both kids, police note, were unharmed.

Authorities have also stated that this was the second time in as many days that they were called to Benson’s home for a reasons related to a drug overdose. On Wednesday, police stopped by the residence and said that Benson had overdosed in front of his children, an unrelated woman and her child.

Benson was arraigned and placed in Washington County jail on $10,000 bond. He is scheduled for a September 26 preliminary hearing. Investigators have not indicated if his two children ended up with another family member or with the states’s Bureau of Children and Family Services (BCFS.)

[Featured Image: North Strabane Township Police]

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